Home Appraisal Cost

Whether you are a seller or buyer, having the home appraised ensures a fair price. House appraisal costs range from $500 - $800+ depending on the location of the home, size of the house and property, availability of information on similar properties, or other unusual circumstances.

  Cost by County Maricopa County, AZ Pinal County, AZ
   Single Family Home    $500    $500
   Jumbo Single Family Home (Complex)    $800+        $800+    
   Duplex or 4-Plex Appraisal    $650 
   Form 2055 Exterior Appraisal    $400 
   Relocation Appraisal    $700
  Property Measurement Services

This is just a small sample of property appraisal costs and the services we can provide.


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How much an appraisal costs can vary based on a property's location, size, and the availability of information on similar homes or properties.

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